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Impact Series: A Safe Place for Youth Who are Homeless

On any day in Baltimore, more than 600 young people are homeless, without a stable place to live. Lara Law, a 2011 OSI-Baltimore Community Fellow, supported a group of youth leaders in the city to establish a comprehensive drop-in resource center for homeless youth. READ MORE »

White House Expands Opportunity for Young Men of Color

President Obama’s new initiative, My Brother’s Keeper, is an important commitment from the nation’s highest levels of government, business and philanthropic leadership to boost opportunities for young men of color. READ MORE »

Obstacles to Justice

For many of Baltimore’s formerly incarcerated residents, shaking the stigma of time spent in prison is a major undertaking. One of the hardest aspects is finding stable, meaningful employment. READ MORE »

Lesson Learned: Key to More High School Graduates May be Fewer Suspensions

Why pay so much attention to suspensions? We know from experience—and research—that using suspension as a primary discipline tool is a recipe for school failure. READ MORE »
2013 Baltimore Community Fellows

2013 Baltimore Community Fellows

This year's fellows will work in schools and courts, in recreation centers and low-income housing units. Many of them will work directly with people on the streets of Baltimore. Find out who they are. READ MORE »

This Week’s Spotlight

The Challenge of Student Attendance in City Schools

Posted by on March 12th, 2014 at 9:03 am
Tisha Edwards

Student attendance has long been a challenge in City Schools, and in recent years it has received renewed attention. Yet attention alone is not achieving the attendance levels necessary for our students to succeed.


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